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Pulli Lova Schnittmuster Berlin Pulli Lova Schnittmuster Berlin
The very speciality of the pullover Lova is the caved in button panel on both sides. The rest of this raglan-cutout can be framed with a ribbon. Sizes: 34-50 Level : middle - experienced Instructions are in german.
€6.90 *
Pullover Pamela Schnittmuster Berlin Pullover Pamela Schnittmuster Berlin
The Pullover Pamela has a casual fit with a popping loose turtle neck. The perfect partner, when it starts to get colder again.. Sizes: 34-50 Level : middle - experienced Instructions are in german.
€6.90 *
Wickelkleid Eileen Schnittmuster Berlin Wickelkleid Eileen Schnittmuster Berlin
The sewing pattern dress, Eileen has a wrapped-optic and is a definite higlight for your summer wardrobe. The layered part of the waist is creating the wrapped-optic and the feminine style of the dress. The attached skirt is lightly...
€13.90 *
Pullover Colleen Schnittmuster Berlin Pullover Colleen Schnittmuster Berlin
The shirt colleen has long sleeves and a rectangular cutout. Using a striped Jersey (for example) the facing could be used crosswise to give the shirt a nice contrast. Sizes: 34-50 Level : middle - experienced Instructions are in german.
€6.90 *
Jerseykleid Quitte Schnittmuster Berlin Jerseykleid Quitte Schnittmuster Berlin
The dress Quitte is a simple design, but with a special detail on the side. This round application is sewn with a rounded ruffling, which evokes pleats that not only laminate, but also defines Quitte´s character and gather adoring gazes....
€13.90 *
Wickelshirt Kristin Schnittmuster Berlin Wickelshirt Kristin Schnittmuster Berlin
Kristin is a figure-hugging wrapped shirt with short sleeves and a low-cut neckline. The gathering on the left side, is a little bit concealing and ensures a nice fitting. Sizes: 34-50 Level : middle - experienced Instructions are in...
€6.90 *
Sweatshirt Pullover Ikarus Schnittmuster Berlin Sweatshirt Pullover Ikarus Schnittmuster Berlin
Ikarus is a classic sweatshirt- pattern with a gorgeous twist. The patched-front is really something to stand out, especially with a mix of different materials. Sizes: 44 - 58 Level : easy - for Beginners Instructions are in german.
€6.90 *
Hose Penelope Schnittmuster Berlin Hose Penelope Schnittmuster Berlin
Penelope is a jogpant pattern, that differs between elegant and sporty due to the chosen fabric - the side-stripes of the pattern make these pants though pretty casual. With an elastic waistband (or an elastic band drawn in the...
€11.90 *
Hoodie Emil Schnittmuster Berlin Hoodie Emil Schnittmuster Berlin
The sweatshirt-hoodie pattern Emil is the male partner to Emilia of Schnittmuster Berlin. He has two cutouts to choose from, a hoodie or a round neckline. His other special details are two zipper-pockets one on the arm and one on the...
€10.90 *
Longpulli Cemre Schnittmuster Berlin Longpulli Cemre Schnittmuster Berlin
Cemre is a casual very wide and long sweater, which can be also worn as a dress. This pattern is designed to let you choose to patch it with maybe two different types of fabric. Sizes: 34-50 Level : middle - experienced Instructions are...
€11.90 *
Kleid Rachel Schnittmuster Berlin Kleid Rachel Schnittmuster Berlin
Here you have one pattern, but two versions of clothing you can choose from - a dress or a shirt. The dividing seam on the front and the creative end of the sleeves with a ribbon to bind and a nice wrist band are Rachel specialities....
€14.90 *
Jerseykleid Liv Schnittmuster Berlin Jerseykleid Liv Schnittmuster Berlin
The pattern Liv is a supercool dress suitable for beginners! The pattern-pieces are twisted and shifted within, which provides an exeptional optic. Sizes: 34-50 Level : easy - for Beginners Instructions in german.
€9.90 *
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