Herbstblatt, caramel, Webware


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Fabric Quality
Product number: Herbstblatt,-caramel-WW
Colour: brown , copper/rust , orange , white
Designer: etvoila
Fabric Quality: Cotton
Motifs: Autumn , Geometric patterns , Leafs & Tendrils
Product information "Herbstblatt, caramel, Webware"
Mit unserem Stoff Herbstblatt, caramel kannst du die warmen Farben des Herbstes in deine Projekte integrieren. Die karamellfarbenen Blaetter verleihen deinen Kreationen eine gemuetliche Note.
Designer: et voilà

et voilà

I'm Katrin and I've been making designs for Lillestoff under the name "et voilà" since 2017. I came to this through my great hobby: sewing. When I lived on a sailboat for a sabbatical year and sewed a lot, I first became a sample seamstress and later (by gushing and sharing design ideas) also a designer. Since then I love to turn my colorful ideas into designs.