The topic of fabric certifications is diverse and complex. On this page, you can find out more about the various existing seals and what they mean. This will help you to define criteria for purchasing fabrics that meet your requirements. 

GOTS seal

The GOTS certificate, known as the Global Organic Textile Standard, is an important label that stands for sustainable and ethical production in the textile industry. It guarantees that fabrics are made from at least 70% organic cotton and are produced without harmful chemicals. This seal represents an environmentally conscious and resource-conserving production process. Regular inspections by a professional certification body ensure that the standards are met. GOTS is not the same as conventional organic certifications, as these place even higher demands on the proportion of organic materials.


The independent Oeko-Tex certification system ensures that products are produced without the use of pesticides or hazardous chemicals, thereby achieving a high level of skin-friendliness and safety. Oeko-Tex is divided into different classes that determine the degree of skin contact of the textiles. Class 1 includes articles with intensive skin contact such as baby clothing, class 2 for everyday clothing, class 3 for less skin contact clothing such as coats, and class 4 for decorative fabrics.

kbA - Controlled organic cultivation

The organic certification (controlled organic cultivation) refers to the harvesting and processing of natural raw materials that are grown without pesticides and harmful chemicals. An annual inspection by a certification body ensures that the organic standards are adhered to.

Our promise

Lillestoff itself is not GOTS or OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, but we only purchase raw materials and inks that are certified. We attach great importance to sustainability and pollutant-free production as well as resource-conserving handling of raw materials. We are environmentally friendly, so we do not use any chemicals or water in this printing process.