Maiglöckchen Grün


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Fabric Quality
Product number: SW10969-WW
Colour: green
Designer: DalightDesign
Motifs: Flowers , Spring , Women
Product information "Maiglöckchen Grün"
Inhale the fresh air of the "Maiglöckchen Grün" with this graceful fabric design. The blend of floating grasses and glistening flowers set against a deep sea green evokes a dreamy coastal landscape. Rosy accents and soft cream tones breathe life into the pattern, transporting you to a world of tranquility and natural beauty. This design is tailor-made for projects that call for a touch of relaxation and elegance, be it in crafting a flowing summer dress or designing a serene space.
Designer: Dalight Design
My name is Dagmar (Schmidt), and I design patterns and illustrations for fabrics, wallpapers, and other products under the label "Dalightdesign." Pattern design has been my great passion for many years, and I pursue it as a side job. I live in the heart of Frankfurt, and when I'm not designing, you can often find me enjoying a cup of green tea and, of course, cake at one of the lovely cafes in Frankfurt. My favorite themes include stylized animals, people, nature, and architecture. I enjoy adding small, witty details that bring a smile and invite further exploration. I sell and license my designs and illustrations online and offline. It brings me joy every time I see photos of sewing projects using my patterns.