null Kopie Kopie


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Fabric Quality
Product number: SW11091-WW
Colour: orange , rose
Designer: KimbusMom
Motifs: Flowers , Women
Product information "null Kopie Kopie"
Experience the delicate grace of spring with our "Blütenzauber Pastell" fabric. Lush cherry blossoms in soft shades of pink and white unfold on a heavenly lavender background. This romantic and airy design captures the ephemeral beauty of the blooming season and is perfect for feminine garments, delicate home textiles, or as a special piece in your quilt collection. Let the beauty of cherry blossoms inspire you and bring a touch of spring into your sewing projects.
Designer: Kimbus Mom
Hello, my name is Alina and I live with my husband Stev and my daughter Kim in Eisenach. I came to sewing through the love for my daughter. Since I have always been creative and like to create my own things, I started to create designs for my daughter. I don't have a defined style (yet), but always let my creative moments guide me. Although I am a rather structured person, living with my family has shown me that not everything can always be planned and that having 'motley dough in your head' is simply liberating and wonderful! I look forward to making your life a little more cheerful and colorful with new designs.